We are located in Northern Patagonia – in the Glacier Province – on the shore of the Baker River and alongside the Laguna San Rafael National Reserve and Patagonia Park (Parque Chacabuco).

Native flora and fauna abounds and during your time at the Lodge you might spot foxes, condors, guanacos, and even, huemules (endangered native deer). You will wake up in the company of Chucao birds, gold finches, woodpeckers, and barn swallows, and salmon fish along the shore of the Baker River with Martin Pescador.

Baker Domo Lodge’s strategic location, protected from the strong Patagonian winds by native Lenga, Coihue, and Cypress tree forest, allows you to enjoy a part of pristine Patagonia, far removed from any noise and crowds. And, it is just 40 minutes from the city of Cochrane, which has a unique tradition and pioneer history of its own.


In looking to both protect and respect the surrounding area, we built the lodge and domes in the most environmentally friendly way, using only local raw materials like Lenga, Coihue and Cypress wood. We also make use of solar power through each dome’s solar panels, which have a non-intrusive design that blends in with its surroundings. The lodge’s architecture was inspired by the rich local culture, and aims for minimal disruption to the land, wildlife and atmosphere.

Baker Domo Lodge offers guests a personalized and unique experience to discover the beauty of northern Patagonia.

Please have in mind that it is necessary a 4WD/4X4 for the last 2 Kms to the Lodge.


Baker Domo Lodge is located 330 kilometers south of Coyhaique, the capital of the Aysen Region, and just 30 kilometers from Cochrane, the capital of the Glacier Province.
From Santiago it is a 2.5-hour flight to Balmaceda Airport, located outside of the city of Coyhaique, followed by a 330-kilometer drive south along the beautiful Carretera Austral (Southern Highway).
The GPS coordinates are the following:
18 G 0673445
UTM 4777469

Our Lodge